Monday, April 18, 2011

List of 64 kinds of Arts of ancient times

1. Toilet Make-up, toilet and use of beautifying agents 
2. Painting the body, and colouring the nails, hair, etc. 
3. Decoration of the forehead. 
4. Art of hair dressing. Dressing 
5. Art of dressing. 
6. Proper matching of decorations and jewellery. Music and Dancing 
7. Singing.
8. Playing on musical instruments. 
9. Playing on musical glasses filled with water. 
10. Acting. 

11. Dancing. General Education 
12. Good manners and etiquette. 
13. Knowledge of diffenrent langguages and dialects. 
14. Knowledge of vocabularies. 
15. Knowledge of Rhetoric or Figures of Speech. 
16. Reading. 
17. Reciting poems. 
18. Criticism of poems. 
19. Criticism of dramas and analysis of stories. 
20. Filling up the missing line of a poem. 
21. Composing poems to order. 
22. Reply in verse (when one person recites a poem, another gives the reply in verse). 
23. The art of speaking by changing the forms of words. 
24. Art of knowing the character of a man from his features. 
25. Art of attracting others (bewitching). Domestic Science 
26. Art of cooking. 
27. Preparation of different beverages, sweet and acid drinks, chutneys, etc. 
28. Sewing and needle work. 
29. Making of different beds for different purposes and for different seasons. Physical culture 
30. Physical culture. 
31. Skill in youthful sports. 
32. Swimming and water-sports. Games 
33. Games of dice, chess, etc. 
34. Games of chance. 
35. Puzzles and their solution. 
36. Arithmetical games. Art of Entertaining 
37. Magic: art of creating illusions. 
38. Trick of hand. 
39. Mimicry or imitation (of voice or sounds). 
40. Art of disguise. Fine Arts 
41. Painting in colours. 
42. Stringing flowers into garlands and other ornaments for decorating the body, such as crowns, clapnets, etc. 
43. Floral decorations of carriages. 
44. Making of artificial flowers. 
45. Preparation of ear-rings of shell, ivory, etc. 
46. Making birds, flowers, etc., of thread or yarn. 
47. Clay-modelling: making figures and images. 
48. The art of changing the appearance of things such as making to appear as silk. Pet Animals 
49. Training parrots and other birds to talk. 
50. Training rams and cocks and other birds for mock fight. Professional Training 
51. Gardening and agriculture. 
52. Preparation of perfumery. 
53. Making furniture from canes and reeds. 
54. Wood-engraving. 
55. Carpentry. 
56. Knowledge of machinery. 
57. Construction of building (Architecture). 
58. Floor decoration with coloured stones. 
59. Knowledge of metals. 
60. Knowledge of gems and jewels. 
61. Colouring precious stones. 
62. Art of war. 
63. Knowledge of code words. 
64. Signals for conveying messages.

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